Wednesday, January 21, 2015

State Secrecy Vs Public Privacy

When a government takes all important decisions in secret and passes laws by surreptitiously sneaking them past the public in closed or late night sessions or tacked onto other seemingly innocuous bills, yet demands unlimited access to the most private information of citizens, you can be certain it's not being done for our protection.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

When Police become brutal, they become criminally liable

When the police become brutal, they surrender the legal legitimacy from which their authority derives. There is no legal basis for brutality. Legitimate enforcement authority is based on the legal and moral obligation to protect the public against brutality and other forms of aggression.

Preemptive or preventive war is simply indefensible

Defensive war is the only kind that is--defensible. It's too easy for governments to falsify the pretext for their aggressive maneuvers to make preemptive war a legitimate option, and legitimate governments would never attempt to engage in them. In fact, any government that seeks to wage a preventive or preemptive war renders itself highly suspect of using war for personal or private advantage. If fear of attack were a sufficient pretext to wage war, the most paranoid leaders would be the most justified in attacking others.

Giving credence to any assertion based on evidence not available for inspection and independent evaluation is nothing other than misplaced trust. If persons in position of authority or occupants of office urge some course of action but demur from sharing the grounds for their decision, they should be given no more credence or latitude than any private person.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Not A Love Story

Where do I begin to tell the story of a society that has gone so far off the rails that democracy has become one of those flat western sets that resembles a town but is little more than boards, paint and supporting two-by-fours. When the govt. can no longer be bothered to keep up the charade that they serve at the consent of the governed, then it really is time to call the game on account of absurdity. This is not the kind of transparency that inspires public confidence.

One wonders why the govt. still maintains the pretense of needing a reason to wage war at all; why it still labors to find a justifiable pretext for deploying its forces. But one must remember there are still many gullible to be played to and persuaded things are not as bad as they fear. There's safety in numbers and the fewer people suspect, the more easily they can continue the game of loot and shoot.