Sunday, November 15, 2015

War Against Isis--It Is What It Is

The State department has finally found a war a majority of Americans will support. Let's look at a few side-effects of U.S. involvement in the war against ISIS:

Nascar and country music fans--the Hank Williams Jr. crowd--will rejoice at an opportunity to show off our tanks and armored vehicles and beat their chests.

The war will sideline dissident voices in the chorus of God Bless America.

The Pentagon and defense industry can continue to claim the lion's share of our dwindling resources. Americans still have discretionary income--a situation that can't be tolerated. Just as George Washington's doctors bled him to death, the Pentagon is bleeding the country to death.

It won't matter which presidential candidate gets elected, they will be too preoccupied with the conduct of the war to focus on much else. You can forget about a domestic agenda. Wartime austerity measures will continue to whittle away at social safety net programs in the name of fiscal responsibility.

Expect more legislation aimed at further dismantling rights in the name of security. The U.S. population will continue too divided over the war to form any kind of unified front against the erosion of their liberties. 

Militarization of the police will likely continue and increase.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

9/11--A Day That Will Live In Infamy--For All The Wrong Reasons

9/11--The day the laws of physics were suspended and several skyscrapers fell like no skyscrapers in history ever fell after catching fire--into their own footprint--including one that wasn't even hit by anything, and two planes supposedly crashed leaving no significant wreckage behind.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

If We Keep Saying It It Must Be True

I wonder how much extra television talk show personnel are paid to casually mention the supposed 9-11 hijackers and shore up the official myth that it was in fact a foreign terrorist attack? Doesn't it make you wonder how these self-styled talk show pundits who, with all their confidential and highly placed sources are supposed to have the inside skinny on everything that goes on in Washington can be among the very few people in the country and the world who don't actually know the attack on the twin towers, Bldg 7 and the Pentagon was planned and carried out by the Bush/Cheney administration? They're either lying or not very good at their jobs because the evidence of 9-11 being an inside job is overwhelming. But in truth they are propagandists far more than journalists.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

U.S. Journalism is a Joke

Let me mention the names of three famous people: Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck and John Bolton. All three have commented recently on television talk shows and all three agree Obama's foreign policy, especially on Iran, is a mistake. O'Reilly likes to drive his points home by saying things like, "Obama's foreign policy has been a disaster, we know that," as if by saying "we know that," he has somehow proved his prior statement to be true. 

John Bolton's mustache acts like a truth filter, allowing only republican hawkishness to pass through it's mesh-work of titanium fibers. And then there's Charles Krauthammer, who delivers his sententious sentiments looking for all the world like Charlie McCarthy without the advantage of an animating hand.

Glenn Beck and company treat the subject of Iran like a comedy show, guffawing their way through one misguided criticism after another. These men seem convinced that those in the Middle East would be better served to let the U.S. lead them to greater stability by sticking to tried and proven policies like the assassination of foreign leaders, punitive sanctions against Iran and other countries we dislike, military strikes, etc. Never mind the fact that none of these strategies have as yet helped bring greater stability to the region, but these self-styled foreign policy experts are certain that they have simply not been given a fair chance and that negotiating with our "enemies" is foolish and won't work.

And so, after totally fucking up the situation in the Middle East, these pundits and so-called foreign policy advisers want to continue the slash and burn tactics of the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld years because they have been proven so effective in bringing peace and stability to the region and the rest of the world.

The state of journalism in the U.S. has become a sad joke. More and more, today's television news programs resemble living room chats with sorority boys and girls whose opinions carry the same weight as Miss America contestants. 

When news programs do trot out some military general, with supposed credibility and integrity, he either agrees with them that a U.S. led war is the only solution--since he works for the Pentagon or arms industry--or if he happens to be someone like Wesley Clark, who tells them plainly their plan to bomb the Middle East into peace won't work, the host passes on as quickly as possible, with furrowed brow, wondering why he was saddled with such an unaccommodating guest.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Can We Drop The 9-11 Charade?

Anyone who still believes the "official" version of events on 9-11 is more than a little naive. So why do news commentators continue to stick to the "seven terrorists" story as if it's proven fact and old hat? Because of who they work for and because they're afraid to piss off those responsible, who still haunt the halls of power.

The fable of "the terrorist attack that united the country" has been drilled into America's collective brain via the media until it has become as familiar as mother goose. Legislators are now trying to embed it in our collective mythology by adding it to the grade school curriculum not unlike the catholic catechism.

Could it be that this country's relentless foreign military ventures are a ploy to avoid having to face the ugly truth much closer to home, the one no one wants to admit?

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Cheney Is An Idiot

Dick Cheney has recently advertised his opinion that the Obama presidency is the worst in his unfortunately prolonged lifetime. Had Cheney died at the end of his latest term in office, his and Bush junior's administration would have easily surpassed all other contenders for the worst in his lifetime. Mr. Cheney cannot, however, burnish his own time in office by tarnishing his successor's administration. The man who spearheaded the destruction of the twin towers and Bldg. 7 has no rivals in the arena of bald-faced impudence and perfidy in office.

The Constitution already resembled Swiss cheese when the Bush-Cheney team left office. The calls to alarm by republicans over Obama's dismantling of the Constitution are too generous. There was frankly little left to dismantle when Bush/Cheney exited the oval office in a cloud of skyscraper dust.

Those who are alive to the irony of the situation must smile when pundits, generals, senators, congressmen, and a host of other "watchdogs" of our freedoms unanimously blame Obama for everything that is wrong with America. Fox News could virtually dispense with so-called reportage and simply chant "We hate Obama" in unison for the length of their programs. Discrediting Obama is a republican ploy to paint themselves as patriots and pave the way for yet another Bush presidency.

Obama has broken precedent on a number of issues, on Iran and Israel, immigration and so on. Outrageous you say? But Bush and Cheney broke precedent when they opted for all out war on Iraq on fabricated evidence for personal profit. Had they left Saddam in power, none of the disintegration we see today in the Middle East would have happened. They tortured, denied prisoners due process, killed thousands for control over Iraqi oil fields, eavesdropped on us all in the name of freedom, and lied about it all repeatedly. They destroyed the American economy by waging costly, wasteful and needless wars, causing thousands of unseen casualties because of the ongoing economic damages resulting from their actions. They encouraged Russia and other nations to act unilaterally. They increased terrorism a hundred-fold. And they want us to believe Obama is still worse?

No, Mr. Cheney, you have no rival in the dark arts. You and Bush Jr. and your cronies destroyed this country from within and now want to give the credit for that piece of treason to Obama, but that will remain your legacy till a' the seas gang dry and the rocks melt wi' the sun.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

State Secrecy Vs Public Privacy

When a government takes all important decisions in secret and passes laws by surreptitiously sneaking them past the public in closed or late night sessions or tacked onto other seemingly innocuous bills, yet demands unlimited access to the most private information of citizens, you can be certain it's not being done for our protection.