Monday, May 30, 2016


I was recently unfriended by someone on Facebook. Actually I was unfriended and blocked because when you unfriend someone and send them a nasty message to let them know, you want to block that person so they can't respond. Having the last word is the coup de grace in Facebook arguments. The crux of the disagreement was a meme he posted showing president Obama laying a wreath at Hiroshima on Memorial Day weekend--an act of national reconciliation but it was billed as Obama "apologizing" for the US bombing of Hiroshima. The meme had made the rounds already and was getting much response pro and con. In this case it was con because to him and others of his ilk, Obama isn't belligerently nationalistic enough--and he's black, which doesn't help his image in red-country. All I said was that Obama might consider instead apologizing for all the innocent Iraqi civilians blown to bits by former president Bush. Hey, I was trying to be helpful.

So I was dismissed with an angry message that I would not post that kind of "bull shit" on his page. Now I understand it was Memorial Day weekend and he was not in the mood to hear an unpleasant truth about his former republican president when he was trying to bash the current democratic president. So I set about analyzing precisely what bullshit he was referring to. Many Iraqi civilians were blown to bits when Bush "mistakenly" attacked Iraq. That much is fact. Whether you believe 9-11 was orchestrated by the Bush administration or not doesn't change the fact that Iraq was not behind it. But let's be real--we couldn't very well attack Saudi Arabia, so we did the next best thing--blamed somebody else and attacked them instead.

Someone may say--"You don't know what you're talking about. You're not qualified to discuss such matters. Leave it to the experts. They know what they're doing." Oh, you mean the same experts who mistakenly attacked Iraq? It seems then that my unpardonable bullshit was claiming civilians who were blown up were blown up and further, doing it on his page in a sarcastic way.

Let me make a point: If we are proud when our country does something well, should we not also be ashamed when it does something badly? If we are invested in the actions of the government and military, do we simply gloss over mistakes and throw confetti out windows when they get it right? If America hadn't won the Revolutionary War, Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and others would have been hanged as traitors or shot. That's the risk you take when you stick your neck out. Thomas Paine was hounded and buried in unhallowed ground because much of his Common Sense was highly unpopular in certain quarters. But where would we be without them? So to my former FB friend I say: I'm sorry you find this truth inconvenient. Have a nice day!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My Fellow Americans

You stupid bastards. Once again you have proven that given a clear choice, you continually make the wrong one. It appears I must finally declare my independence of you rather than continue participating in this charade known as popular government. If you think this is just sour grapes because of the recent primary election results, I say you are wrong; this is wine made from the sour grapes. So here are a few statements of the principles I intend to follow in my new independent state:

1st Amendment: From now on I oppose all wars and military actions abroad on the simple principle that no news sources are credible.

2nd Amendment:  From now on I plan to satirize with the bitterest irony possible all moves made by our govt. that appear to me ludicrous, which will probably leave little or no time for other recreational pursuits. 

3rd Amendment:  Any laws proposed and/or passed by officials of the United States of Dumbfuckery that are hostile to groups for no reason other than race, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, atheism, or other personal motives will be callously satirized to extract the greatest possible humor and undermine the credibility of those laws and the persons supporting them in the eyes of intelligent readers.

4th Amendment: Any egregiously ignorant opinions expressed by citizens of Dumbfuckery will be held up to ridicule as often as deemed funny.